Campus Luigi Einaudi - Scala padiglione C2

How to join

The participation to all the sessions of the “Career Day” is open and free. Students and graduates should enrol for the Coaching day and/or for the Job Fair by filling the form below.

To enrol for the seminar “Working in Europe” (held only in Italian) please see the info provided in the dedicated page.


The “coaching day” will be held one week before the Job Fair, as the aim is to help students and graduates to

  • receive guidance on tools for searching jobs
  • revise and edit their CV
  • obtain information and advice for job interviews


Students and graduates are advised to bring their CVs with them (for the CV check).

In the afternoon session, participants will be divided in two or more groups for role playing (mock interviews).

JOB FAIR – 21 MAY 2014

Those who enrolled for the Job Fair will have priority access to the booths. However, if an enrolled student does not arrive by 11.30am of the 21st May, the reservation will be automatically cancelled.

In order to ensure the best possible organisation of the Job Fair, during the morning, meetings will be scheduled according to an order of reservation, while in the afternoon (and till the end of the Job Fair) students will have open access to all the booths.

Following the opening session in the “Aula Magna”, students must go to the Career Day Staff (in Pav. C2, ground floor) to register for a first meeting with one of the companies/law firms. They will be given a registration card with the name of the chosen company and a booking number. This card must be shown to the booth Staff in order to have access.

That’s all for this edition! See you next time :)

LLM in International Trade Law